US-IL Investigations has over 19 years of investigative and detective experience. Our professional staff includes highly trained private investigators in each field of service. We do not subcontract any work outside of our staff. 

Jesse Melamed, owner of US-IL Investigations, has an extensive background in all areas of private investigation. Mr. Melamed has many years of army training in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and has led many high profile investigations in his native country of Israel, as well as the United States.

US-IL Investigations takes prides in bringing our customers the most efficient, fast and discrete private investigations and detective work, no matter what the issue.

We make sure that all evidence gathering is done ethically and in such a manner where, if needed, will stand up in a court of law. 

If you are looking for the best in the business, you just found them. Please contact us for any and all of your private investigation and detective needs. No matter how big or small the issue, we are here for you. We offer FREE consultations in all areas, just call us today  at 1-888-664-8745.

About Us
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TOLL FREE :  1-888-664-8745
TOLL FREE :  1-888-664-USIL

       OFFICE   :    954-916-7908

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TOLL FREE :  1-888-664-USIL
OFFICE   :     954-916-7908

TOLL FREE : 1-888-664-8745
private investigator

private investigator
private investigator
private investigator
US-IL Investigations Inc
3408 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale , FL , 33312 United States of America
954-916-7908 - 1-888-664-8745
Forensic Accounting, Computer Forensics, Assets Search, Hidden Camera, Undercover Operation, Background Check, Private Detectives, Private Detective, Private Investigator, Fraud Investigation, Child Custody, Infidelity Investigation

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• Step 1 Look for changes…

Your partner may show more affection and be more loving than usual. They may even buy you small gifts for no reason. They feel guilty for their actions so they try to buy your love.

• Step 2 Neater appearance…

Has your spouse been dressing nicer lately? Maybe he/she is finding more excuses to buy new clothes.

• Step 3 Does your spouse want to be alone more?

Have there been more business trips or last minute emergencies? Is your spouse spending more time at work? How about just finding more reasons to go out alone? This can be a good indication that there are other things going on.

• Step 4 Money Transactions…

Another good sign that your spouse is cheating is that there are cash withdrawals being made and you don’t know where the money is going; or there are receipts for items you have never seen.

• Step 5 Recent Cell Phone Calls…

Although this one is a little sneaky, look at your partner’s cell phone. Are there any numbers that are repeated? Were these calls made at unusual hours of the day?

• Step 6 Credit Card Bills…

Are there any local restaurant transactions that were made? Do you recall being at any of these dinners?

• Step 7 New Scent on Clothes…

While doing laundry do you notice any new scent of perfume or cologne (that you don’t wear). Are there any stray lipstick markings?

• Step 8 Extra Miles on Your Car…

Check the mileage of the car being used in the morning for a week. Are there any unnecessary miles being traveled? If so, then obviously extra trips are being made.

• Step 9 Computer Use…

No, I’m not saying check your partner’s email. Just see if your partner has been to any chat sites, social networking sites, or dating sites lately.

• Step 10 You Could Just Ask

It might be a long shot but you could just sit down with your partner and ask him/her, there is always a possibility they may tell you the truth. Sometime the weight of guilt is too much to bear and your spouse will need to get the weight off of his/her shoulders...or make it easy on yourself and hire us.

10 ways to spot a cheater