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us-il investigations

Does someone owe you money?

Whether it is child support, loans or an outstanding invoice, we can help.
You can take them to court but the problem with that is if they plead a poverty claim you will just be stuck with the court cost. By hiring us we will help you make sure you know what their assets are and have evidence of them.

Having evidence of assets can help give you a favorable outcome in a court of law.

With our assets search we can locate:

Assets listed (bankruptcy search)
Business affiliations
Credit profile
DMV records
Property ownership
Registered vehicles
Professional license 
Water crafts
Yellow Page listings

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private investigator
private investigator
US-IL Investigations Inc
3408 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale , FL , 33312 United States of America
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Forensic Accounting, Computer Forensics, Assets Search, Hidden Camera, Undercover Operation, Background Check, Private Detectives, Private Detective, Private Investigator, Fraud Investigation, Child Custody, Infidelity Investigation

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