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You've thought about the scenarios, revisited the conversations and asked yourself all the questions. Now you want concrete proof. Florida is an equal division state when it comes to divorce. However, if a spouse can prove certain types of infidelity it can be extremely beneficial to a divorce case.
US-IL Investigations Inc. knows how to get you the results you need.
From a simple “need to know" basis, to a complex divorce case, the investigators employed by US-IL Investigations Inc. have all the tools and training needed to provide you with the proof you need.
Many times we collect the proof needed to confirm an affair the first time we go out. 
During your initial consultation, we’ll help you: 

•Examine the signs leading you to believe that your spouse is cheating

•Inspect any evidence you have gathered and

•Develop a personalized plan of action.

Are you sick and tired of your partner's suspicious behavior? This same partner that you have unselfishly devoted so much of your life and love to over the years?
Are you sick and tired of having your heart pounding and losing endless hours of sleep due to the sadness and uncertainty as to what is going wrong with your relationship?
Are you ready to find out once and for all the truth about what your partner has so recklessly been doing behind your back? Even if the truth hurts?
If so contact us today for your free consultation.
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private investigator
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