Actor’s Trick: High Bets On The Slots

During our games on the slot machines, we noticed one thing, and in comparison with our colleagues and friends, we received confirmation. We also add that this impression of ours is further supported by many other enthusiasts who frequent the network and who come together to discuss in forums or on other multimedia gathering places.

Without this terminological clarification, the actor’s trick we are going to describe takes advantage of a small weakness of certain machines ( we noticed it in particular in the slots produced by Netent, but also other models of other manufacturers seem suitable for the application of the method in question ). Note well that it is not something that is repeated, it is not scientific advice, it is only something that we have noticed that sometimes it happens, so do not always apply it and remember that it always takes ass to win.

In practice, we assume that all gambling halls are opened to generate a profit for the managers and at the expense of the players. For casino cashiers, a High Roller player is more important than a Low Roller because the former spends significantly higher amounts and therefore generates more revenue. For this reason, in our opinion, certain slots are made in such a way as to push the player who points strongly to continue playing online slot Malaysia.

This advice is suitable for those who play hard, not for those who play little. For those who are risk-averse and play little, there is no point in trying to raise bets, so don’t do it.

It follows that in these machines, the fixed dot of 10 or 20 cents is simply a pure act of self-harm: the result is that in 100% of cases, it is lost. At some point this bet, if it is not increased, the slot, in fact, will tend to make you continuously lose and convince you to increase the bet ( generating in the player the desire to make up for losses ) or to persuade you to leave the game.

The Trick: Pretend To Be High Roller!

The most interesting aspect of this simple trick is represented by the fact that there is no need to start betting 50 dollars for each spin, there is no need to exaggerate up to this point. The typical behavior that you will have to implement to use this advice is the following: start game slot online Malaysia very slowly, just like one of those Low Roller that we have just stigmatized, choose ridiculously low stakes and keep this low profile even for a long time until the first combinations begin to arrive wins. At this point, you will probably still be at a loss, simply because by betting a little you win little. Before raising bets, it will be a good idea to wait for a few more consecutive laps and then try to raise bets.

At this point, go up to one dollar per lap. Within a dozen or twenty launches at most, now, the goal is to bring the BET to fairly high figures, such as five or even ten dollars per launch.

If it gives you winnings, and sometimes it happens, well, it’s time to leave the slot, hoping you’re on the positive side. The trick of the actor in this case worked.

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