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TOLL FREE : 1-888-664-8745
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Child custody /child support

The determination of parental custody after a divorce has become a highly emotional issue for parents.

Parents will even attempt to use custody issues for financial gain as well as revenge, with little or no consideration for the child’s welfare.

If this sounds familiar, US-IL INVESTIGATORS can help.

Our goal is to provide evidence which will influence the court's decision in your favor regarding custody or child support.

In child custody cases, we look for any opportunity to gather damaging information or evidence regarding your ex that would expose their behavior or false statements to the court in an acceptable manner.

Remember, evidence gained unlawfully cannot be introduced as evidence in court. However, in child welfare as well as criminal conduct cases we, as private citizens, can do much more than law enforcement when it comes to gathering evidence.

Our child custody services include:

Surveillance - A proven method of documenting any endangering or illegal activity. The results can be dramatic, and are irrefutable as it is next to impossible to lie to the Court when confronted with videotape and photo evidence. A report including all videotape and photo evidence is provided for your records and for the Court. We release nothing to the court without your approval.

Background checks - Utilizing various data sources, we will check your spouse or their friend's background for designated or required information.  

Child Custody
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